Courtyard Gifts

Make your memory last with a souvenir

Keep the enchantment going by giving your children a lasting memento of their quest or treasure hunt. Visit Courtyard Gifts, our on-site gift store today.  You will find a “Panning for Treasure” activity in the store, which will allow your child to experience discovering real treasures that they can keep.  Enter another world:

  • Tutus
  • Fairy Gift Sets
  • Halos
  • Party favors
  • Crowns
  • Dresses
  • Discovery Dragons
  • Knight Sets
  • Shield Sets
  • … and more


Treat your family to a feast

Treasure6Visiting the gift shop isn’t the only way to enhance your child’s experience. Stop by the Royal Food Court and enjoy fresh food at a better price than fast food restaurants. The royal cook is Chef Patty, who has been here since day one of the opening of Treasure Castle Playland.

You will find tasty treats such as pizza, hot dogs, wraps, cotton candy, popcorns, soft pretzels, nachos, and muffins, along with a wide variety of both hot and cold beverages.

Entertain yourself while your children play by taking advantage of our FREE Wi-Fi.
Get a sibling family discount today – your oldest child pays regular admission and each additional sibling gets $2 OFF.


Treasure Castle reserves the right to excuse any persons from the facility at any time (child and/or adult) for inappropriate behavior, inappropriate attire, or any action that disrupts or compromises the safety of Treasure Castle guests or the facility.